Introducing Mercedes-Benz of Traverse City's new Service Director

A relationship that will last for miles.

With new employees come new dedication towards unsurpassed service.

At Mercedes-Benz of Traverse City, we stand for the best or nothing. It is why we employ those who have proven they can go above and beyond when it comes to providing an unsurpassed service experience.

We are proud to introduce Cory Markham as our new Service Director.       

"I am from all over West Michigan, spending my entire life in the car business. Most recently with Bavarian Motor Works, I was excited for a new opportunity to learn from Mercedes-Benz accepting the service director role with the Fox organization. My wife Amanda and I are happily married with two absolutely amazing children, Joanna (7) and Maverick (2 months). We both enjoy outdoor life and family adventures. I enjoy creating solutions and solving problematic situations. I am never done learning. I look forward to the opportunity to create memorable experiences with everyone under the Mercedes-Benz umbrella."
Through unsurpassed care and attention, Cory Markham is committed to providing an exceptional service experience for you.

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